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IT Consultants Insurance

Information technology is a specialist activity requiring specialist professional indemnity insurance.

For IT consultants, Herald Insurance offers IT professional indemnity insurance which has been expertly developed to suit businesses like yours. And you can tailor your cover by choosing the policy features and cover levels that are right for you.

PI insurance for IT professionals includes many features tailored to businesses like yours.

With us, you can benefit from:

  • Up to £5 million protection – to cover compensation and costs payable to whoever is making the claim against you.
  • Specialist breach of contract cover for IT deliverables – if you design or supply IT-related products; we can cover your business.
  • We pay to defend a claim against you – we cover all your legal defence costs, including solicitors and expert counsel if required.
  • Flexible and affordable – select only the options you need and you can save money.
  • Expert support – contact a professional claims team if you think a claim may be made against you.

Our insurer partners understanding of the IT industry means we can provide specialist professional indemnity insurance for IT professionals and all these occupations and business types, to name but a few

  • Web site design
  • Computer aided design (non-architectural)
  • Computer engineer (installation/repair/maintenance)
  • Computer hardware consultancy
  • Computer programming
  • Computer software consultancy
  • Computer software development
  • Computer systems analysis

The IT industry can be very complicated and there are many activities which potentially could cause devastating financial losses to your clients businesses. IT is the heart of many businesses and failure in their IT systems has the potential to close a business down. Imagine the effect on your business if you lost all of your client data. As you can see the risks are high for insurers but premiums can be surprisingly low. If you keep up to date with training, compliance, and industry regulations then professional indemnity insurers will recognise this and it will be reflected in your insurance premiums.

We understand that by approaching one insurer you cannot get the deal premium or policy to suit your business that’s why we have sourced the market and we work with a panel of insurers dedicated to the IT industry. So by working with us we are able to offer to best most up to date policies with relevant wording in an ever changing industry.

Quotations are simple, fast and efficient and with one proposal form we can present your risk to our entire panel of insurers.

As with most professions we are also able to offer suitable other insurances for your business such as office insurance, and motor insurance.

If you would like to know more about our services then give us a call.