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Ground Workers Insurance

The ground workers typical activities include preparing land by clearing the land, laying drainage and pipes for services, and digging foundations.

The ground workers are usually the first and last trades on and off a building site. They job will usually start with putting in levels, digging the ground, excavating and concreting the foundations, and building the foundations. Once a job is nearing completion the ground workers are usually called back on to site to complete the finishing touches such as connecting pipes and laying the patios, paths, driveways, and roads.

Ground workers pose a potentially high risk to insurers under public liability insurance. On the face of it working at ground level seems low risk; however the high risk element is working underground where damage can be done to services, pipes, and cables.

Some ground workers have specialist skills which when obtaining insurance can cause problems. These special activities usually require an insurer with specialist knowledge and policy wordings in these areas to cater for the requirements of the client. These public liability policies are not often found on the widely available quote and buy systems so therefore require the assistance of a broker. At Herald Insurance we can cater for the specialist contractor and our panel of insurers can add or remove specific endorsements and clauses to a policy making the policy designed for you and your own very specific requirements.

We understand specialists in their field are usually highly skilled professionals with adequate experience and training. They are therefore at a skilled level where you’d expect they would be less likely to make a mistake therefore this should be reflected in their insurance premiums.

Some of the activities we cover include:

  • No depth limit
  • Piling or underpinning
  • Work underwater
  • The use of explosives

We can also offer extra cover to include your tools, plant, and hired in plant.