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Driving without Insurance is an offence!

In the news this week! A Lamborghini Aventador has been seized by the police after the driver was found not to be insured to drive the car. The driver was stopped by police in East London as the car’s front number plate was missing and after further checks were carried out the driver was found to be uninsured and police therefore seized the £400,000 vehicle.

The car was one of 180 vehicles seized by police on Tuesday as part of operation Cubo which is being carried out to crack down on uninsured vehicles in London. There were also thirty-seven people arrested for various offences including driving without insurance and drink-driving.

Operation Cubo has had 22 one-day operations since it was started in October last year and in that time 11,500 vehicles have been seized, that’s over 500 vehicles seized per day!

There are still too many people driving without insurance on Britain’s roads although sometimes this is due to genuine mistakes such as misunderstanding policy driving conditions or not realising a previous insurance policy for the vehicle has expired or been cancelled. However driving without insurance is still an offence under the Road Traffic Act and if caught you are likely to get a hefty fine together with a minimum of 6 points on your licence which will also increase your insurance premium. Plus you would also have the aggravation of getting your vehicle released from the pound which is no mean fete!

Be sure not to drive uninsured by carrying out these checks:

  • Check to see what drivers are covered on your policy
  • Check your policy covers the correct use type for what you require
  • Check to see if your policy entitles you to drive other cars (people often make the mistake of assuming the can drive any other vehicle under their own policy when this may not be the case)
  • Make sure you have provided the correct registration number of your vehicle to your insurers by checking your certificate
  • Check the expiry date of your policy to make sure the policy is still in force

Don’t get caught out! Speak to Herald if in doubt!