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Commercial Vehicle Fleet Insurance

When it comes to insuring your commercial vehicle fleet insurance Herald Insurance can provide you with the perfect policy. We use leading insurers offering competitive premiums on all types of commercial vehicles from small vans to trucks and lorries. We can provide policies for previously individually no claim bonus rated policies or previous fleet rated policies.

We know how important it is to have your commercial vehicles kept on the road in the event of an accident which is why the vast majority of our comprehensive commercial fleet policies offer a courtesy vehicle as standard. We also include legal cover as standard to give you extra protection if you are involved in a non-fault accident.

With so many insurers offering blanket cover on their policies it is difficult to find one tailor made to suit your business. There are many instances where you need something which is not a ‘one size fits all’ policy and this is where we can assist and show our true value.

We have many special schemes available for all sorts of scenarios and we can offer introductory discounts in certain situations such as:

  • If you are starting a new business and you do not have a no claims bonus we can allow extra discounts if you can meet certain criteria
  • If you require young drivers to be insured on one vehicle or all of your fleet of vehicle
  • If you require convicted drivers to be insured
  • If you want to insure a car under your fleet insurance
  • If you want to insure a vehicle larger than 3.5t under your fleet insurance

We can cater for many occupations and uses under our commercial vehicle fleet schemes as we have arranged flexibility through our panel of insurers.

We welcome you to call and discuss you insurance requirements as this ensures that we are able to give you the most competitive quotes on the market whilst at the same time giving you the level of cover you need and the service you deserve.

We are also able to offer combined insurances including business insurance to insure your office contents, public liabilities, and goods in transit to name a few.