Why Use an Insurance Broker

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

It is a valid question given that you can buy virtually anything you want online nowadays from books and DVD’s to cars and holidays. You are able to search for what you want yourself without the use of an agent therefore saving yourself money on agent’s fees.  Over the last few years many insurance brokers have gone out of business as customers have turned to the internet to find cheaper insurance deals and while this may seem like a good idea it is not always as good as it sounds.

Sure there are some cheap deals available online but do you know what you are actually buying?  How can you be sure that the policy is correct for your needs if you haven’t got the advice of a professional to help you?  Are you aware of the policy terms and conditions?  We could go on.

It is all too easy to search for a quote for, say, car insurance and be presented with a screen full of cheap deals from different insurers that seem too good to refuse but there are a few things you should consider before you press the proceed button.  Firstly what does the price include? In many cases companies will quote a low price to get to the top of the screen but the price quoted excludes important policy benefits such as courtesy car, windscreen cover, legal protection, protected no claims bonus and foreign use.

Customers often overlook the cover provided by the policy and only realise later when it is too late to change.  Secondly many of the online companies are, as it says, online, with everything done by internet and email.  How frustrating would it be if you have a problem and need to speak to someone direct but are unable to do so?  You would have to spend time writing out an email with your query and then wait however long it takes to get a reply.  Alternatively the insurer might have a call centre you can talk to but this can be equally frustrating if you are never able to speak to the same person whenever you call and have to explain your query to different people time and again. And what if your insurers refuse a claim you might need to make?  Who are you going to turn to for support and advice?

When you deal with a broker you are dealing with someone who has an in-depth knowledge of the insurance market and therefore able to advise you exactly what cover you do or don’t need particularly when it comes to more complex policies such as public liability or professional indemnity insurance.  At Herald you would have your very own file handler who you can talk to whenever you want to and they will be able to help you resolve any problems or queries you may have. They will also be on-hand to help resolve any complications when it comes to making a claim and we have often helped customers get a satisfactory result from a claim which their insurers have initially refused.

It is no fluke that after leaving us for cheaper deals online many of our customers have come back to us the following year because the deal wasn’t as good as they thought or they didn’t get the service they needed.  It is also no fluke that Herald have been established for over 40 years and continue to succeed in an ever changing insurance industry by adapting our products and service to suit our customer’s needs.

So for whatever insurance needs speak to Herald.  Don’t get caught in the web.