Are you properly covered on your Motor Insurance policy?

Friday, January 31st, 2014

These days more and more drivers are being stopped by the police and having their vehicle impounded due to having the wrong type of use stated on their insurance policy. You could be forgiven for thinking that when you insure a vehicle you are entitled to use it for whatever purpose you wish, however unfortunately it is not that simple.

When you insure a vehicle you have a choice of a number of different uses including SDP (social, domestic and pleasure), commuting, class 1, 2 and 3 business use, hire and reward, carriage of own goods, haulage, private/public hire, the list goes on. It is very important that you make sure you are covered for the purpose of your journey otherwise you could find that you are not covered in the event of a claim.

So how do you know if you are properly covered? With so many different types of journeys possible it is a grey area and the only way you can be sure is to speak to a professional. At Herald we are here to advise you on which use you require for your vehicle and make sure you are properly covered. Imagine the frustration and inconvenience you would encounter if you had your vehicle taken away by the police and impounded, not to mention the expense of getting it back. Worse still, imagine having your vehicle stolen or written off only for your insurers to void your policy on the grounds of incorrect usage and refusing to pay for your claim. This is not an unusual occurrence and it pays to speak to someone in the know to make sure you are properly covered.

Did you also know that the type of use you require is also affected by the nature of the goods you are carrying? For example a builder insuring a commercial vehicle to carry tools etc would require carriage of own goods use whereas a removal contractor would require haulage use. Also there are some instances where many insurers will not even offer policies for some types of goods that are carried such as scrap metal and you may require a specialist type of policy.

At Herald we will make sure you have the right policy in place for your vehicle whether you use it just for the occasional shopping trip or you spend all day going to different places of work carrying goods.

So don’t be in doubt, call us today and we can make sure you are properly covered.