New Multi-Car Policies Provider

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

We are pleased to announce we have a new provider for our multi-car insurance policies. This is good news as it adds to our ever-increasing panel of insurers meaning we are even better placed to accommodate multi-car risks.

We are seeing more and more enquiries for this type of insurance and with a few of the larger insurers in the market offering these multi vehicle policies the customer has more options than ever before. This is a competitive and growing market and insurers are keen to pick up new business hence the introduction of new insurers on our panel.

Advertising and clever marketing leads us to believe that by going to a direct insurer you will save money. If an insurer sells their products and policies through a broker they cut out their administration costs (which are a huge part of their expenditure) therefore meaning they are able to offer lower premiums to the customer.

Our policies are flexible and can be tailor made to accommodate you specific requirements. For instance we can include different usage, different drivers, and different cover on each vehicle. We know that you may use a main vehicle for business purposes and the others vehicles for social use only. So we can separate the usage between each vehicle meaning you only pay the higher premium for that vehicle and it is not increasing the cost of the policy for all vehicles. This also works the same for named drivers insured under the policy. If you have a higher risk driver they can be restricted to one of the vehicles therefore only paying the higher premium on that vehicle.

Some of the key benefits and criteria we can offer through our panel of insurers are:

  • Different levels of cover under the same policy
  • Named drivers restricted to specified vehicles
  • Any driver policies
  • Performance vehicles
  • High value vehicles
  • Similar courtesy car offered

We have seen an increase in interest from the mid to high net worth client as these policies are ideally suited to the performance vehicle. Many of these clients have multiple vehicles and require a policy which offers a high level of cover at a reasonable price. With specialist underwriters offering bespoke cover through policies with very good benefits and like for like courtesy vehicles this products stands highly within the market place.

If you have a premium vehicle brand such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bentley, Porsche or similar give us a call as this products benefits are ideally suited for you.

With a simple quotation process and a fast quotation turnaround we see this product a valuable asset to our ever-increasing product offering.