Landlord Insurance Rate Reductions

Monday, August 19th, 2013

We are delighted to announce new rate reductions and size discounts under our landlord’s insurance schemes.

  • We have a 5% reduction across our let property rates
  • Increased size discounts up to 25%
  • Up to 28% discount on DSS non-referrals

Our landlords insurance is specifically designed to insure residential dwellings and the cover is tailored to ensure our clients are adequately protected.

We still offer cover for a wide range of tenants including professions, DSS, students, asylum seekers, unoccupied, UK holiday and second homes.

With the rental markets booming in recent year’s landlords have had the luxury of choosing from a selection of tenants all vying for the keys to their property. The climate is beginning to change as we are seeing the number of house purchases start to increase. If this trend continues there will be a smaller pool of potential tenants to choose from therefore landlords may start accepting applicants they wouldn’t normally consider.

If this is the case then landlords must look at insurance as a protection rather than a dent in their profits. A good building insurance policy will offer protection for malicious damage, accidental damage, loss of rent, and legal cover therefore taking away much of the worry if your client damages your property or stops paying your rent.

Buying an insurance policy on price alone is a sure fire way of risking your investment as the cheap and cheerful insurance policies usually have many exclusions or high excesses to deter potential claims.

Let us offer you peace of mind with a comprehensive policy with the expected benefits at a competitive premium.