Is your home properly covered?

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Burglar entering to house through the windowYour home and the contents in it are more than likely the most valuable things that you own therefore you want to make sure they are properly insured should you ever need to make a claim, but house insurance can be more complex than you think therefore it pays to speak to an expert before you buy a policy.

For example the contents of your home are usually broken down into two different sections: general contents (the total value of all the contents in your home) and valuables (such as jewellery, artwork, antiques, items of gold, silver and other precious metals etc) but it doesn’t end there. Most insurers will also want to know the total value of all the jewellery in your home listed separately to the valuables section along with details of any high value individual items you have (usually anything worth over £2000 depending on the type of policy), and then there’s the specified and unspecified sections, all-risk cover, cover away from home and the various exclusions and limits that insurers place on these sections such as requiring valuations for items, requesting a safe to be installed at the property for items not being worn or having appropriate security in place at the property such as an alarm or approved locks. The problem is that there are potentially so many endorsements that could be applied to your policy you might not realise or even fully understand what they mean. Did you know for example that if you under-insure your home your insurers could place an under-insurance clause on your policy meaning they will only pay a percentage of any claim equal to that of how much you have under-insured by i.e if you have under-insured your home by 20% the insurers could deduct any claim pay-out by 20% to compensate.

And then there is the actual building itself, again it is vital that you have a policy that gives you sufficient cover in case of fire, flood and other perils. The good thing is that most insurers will offer minimum levels of cover for this side of things which is normally more than enough however some also base their policies based on the rebuild sum insured you have stated so it is imperative that this is an accurate figure.

We are here to help you find the right policy for your needs which means finding out exactly what you need covered and as we deal with a wide panel of insurers who each specialise in different types of household risk this means we can find the most suitable policies at the most competitive premiums.

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