Herald Insurance HMO Insurance

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Herald Insurance HMO Insurance

  • Specialist A rated insurer including Lloyds of London
  • Immediate cover
  • No claim discount given
  • Direct access to dedicated account handler

At Herald Insurance we are able to provide insurance for HMOs (houses in multiple occupations) as we have special schemes through “A” rated insurers and Lloyds of London. We have direct access to underwriters and can offer immediate cover. We don’t believe in automated call systems so every phone call into the office is answered directly. This gives you piece of mind knowing that you have a real person at the end of the phone every time you call.

We would be happy to receive your call for HMO enquiries and will appoint a dedicated handler for every policy. This provides you with assurances you are valued and your insurance is personally reviewed and we can build rapport and trust with you.

We provide the complete service for your HMO insurance from dealing with the initial enquiry, taking payment, processing the policy, issuing documentation, and inviting renewals.

HMO Information

If you are new to operating a HMO you will need to speak to your local authority that will provide you with the necessary licence and inform you to any special requirements with regard to safety at the property. Multiple Occupancy Homes are properties used as private housing that share a bathroom or kitchen with various tenants in the same property (For example a 2 bedroom property tenanted by different persons or families on a separate tenancy agreement which shares the same kitchen and/or bedroom). This does not count for holiday home properties as these are not the occupant’s main residence.

In essence a HMO Building is a property that is

  • Occupied by persons that form more than one household and where the occupiers share or lack one or more basic amenities (such as a kitchen or a bathroom).
  • A building that has been converted in to multiple dwelling units that are not all self-contained flats.
  • A converted building consisting entirely of self-contained flats, where the building work undertaken in connection with the conversion did not comply with the 1991 building regulations and in excess of one third of the flats are occupied under short tenancy agreements.

We can also provide insurance if part of the property is occupied and part is unoccupied. A typical example of this is if renovation works are being carried out and/or a tenant is waiting to move in. Whatever the situation we should have a solution for you, with over 40 years in the insurer broker market you can be assured we are the broker to trust.