Finding Great Home Insurance

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

House InsuranceHome insurance is one of those expenses we all need but could well do without. Any type of insurance is a “what if” expense isn’t it, we have to have it but hope and pray that we’ll never need to use it. It’s a pay to not use it kind of thing!

Here are a few tips about how to find the best value home insurance;

• Shop About – There are plenty of online insurance websites which can compare prices for you but don’t restrict yourself to only those. Do check out plenty of different insurance companies, you may be surprised at the different premiums available. Also be wary of comparison sites as you may not be getting the cover you need, it’s always best to speak to an Insurance Company such as Herald.

• Pay a Higher Excess – If you agree to pay a higher amount of excess your home insurance premiums will be reduced. Of course, if you ever need to make a claim you won’t be able to claim quite as much.

• Be Careful Not to Over Insure – Guessing the value of the property in your home could lead you to paying a much higher home insurance premium than you need to. Try to figure out an accurate value of the contents in your home. By the same token make sure you have enough cover in case the worse happens.

• Re-build Value / Purchase Value – Remember that when you take out buildings insurance you only need to cover the price of rebuilding your property and not buying it – the former is often a much lesser amount than the latter. Again seek advice from your Insurance Company.

• Combine Insurance Policies – Many insurance providers will offer reduced rates if you combine all of your insurance policies with them. A combined home contents policy and buildings insurance policy will generally earn you a discount.

• Pay Up Front – If you can possibly afford to pay the whole amount in one lump sum you will avoid paying the higher rate of instalments. Many people cannot afford this luxury but if you have the cash to pay up front just do it.

Many people think that getting your home insured is simply a case of going online and picking the cheapest option whether or not this is right for your needs. Most people don’t really know exactly what cover is right for them so please, please, please give us a call to get some advice because if the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is!