Choosing the right Fleet Insurance Policy

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

Choosing the right Fleet Insurance Policy

When looking for fleet insurance you should look beyond the price. Yes price is important but it should not be the driver in making your decision. The far most important factor is the coverage the policy offers. Unfortunately with the ultra-competitiveness of motor insurer over the past decade or so we have seen insurers withdrawing from the market, we have seen policy benefits and coverage being stripped back, and we have seen the introduction of skeleton policies offering not much more than complying with the RTA (road traffic act).

Whilst the premiums sound appealing for the consumer when you look into the policy to check the level of benefits you will be disappointed. How else do you expect insurers to continue to reduce premiums when claim costs have been rising over the same period? Of course something has to give so the level of benefits has paid the price.

This is so important to take into consideration when buying Fleet Insurance. How much business are you losing if your vehicle is off the road? How long a period without a vehicle can you sustain without financial loss? Are you prepared to pay out of your own pocket to hire a vehicle if your vehicle is off road? These are all very important reminders that accepting the cheapest quotation is not necessarily the best option.

You must make sure you have courtesy vehicle cover, regardless of blame. Also check the length of time a courtesy vehicle is available. There are restrictions on some policies only offering a vehicle for 7 days if at all. Will you get a similar size vehicle to your own? Many insurers offer a courtesy vehicle as standard but this is usually a small hatchback type vehicle, if you have a larger vehicle can you still operate effectively with a smaller vehicle? Or maybe you have a commercial vehicle, would you need a courtesy van? If so, do you know if your insurer will provide one?

There are so many insurers marketing their products it is very difficult and time consuming in finding a suitable option. Not only that you need to know what to look for in a policy and understand the ins and out of the cover. This is where dealing through Herald Insurance will add great value. We have over 40 years’ experience is broking and deal with insurance on a day to day basis. We know which insurers offer a more comprehensive policy and we know which insurers offer less cover. As with everything everyone is different and every risk is different so therefore we treat every enquiry on a personal basis and appoint one of handlers to manage your enquiry from start to finish. We offer direct access and a simple process giving you piece of mind your insurance is being dealt with in a professional manner.