Calling all Tree Surgeons

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

tree surgeonTree surgery is a skilled profession requiring specialist training and knowledge. It’s a physical job for the seasoned professional, and certainly not for the faint hearted, as the thought for many individuals working at height, off ropes, using machinery is quite daunting let alone the insurer’s views to risk.

Health and safety has become an important factor of any business and is often mocked for its extremism.  However for high risk professions such as tree surgery there have been many improvements in recent times not only to protect the public and their property but also the worker themselves.

Insurers will state in their policy terms and conditions that the businesses they insure must adhere to the relevant health and safety requirements for their profession.  This can include wearing the right clothing, having a first aid kit, employing the right traffic signage, having a health and safety appointed representative, providing written assessments, and on site tool box talks.
Protective clothing is a necessity and whilst being restrictive and intrusive at times it does provide much needed protection to the worker. The wearing of specialist clothing such as boots, trousers, jackets, gloves, arm protectors, head wear can be uncomfortable and hot in the summer months but does provide the worker with vital potentially lifesaving protection.  But let’s not forget this also serves in reducing insurers claim costs should a worker have an accident, and this is where insurers see the benefit in imposing the health and safety regulations in their terms.

If a business ensures workers have the correct clothing and equipment, they are briefed on the hazards of the job, provide adequate prevention measures for pedestrians and motorists, and hold regular tool box talks then the insurer will benefit. This not only means the likelihood of a claim occurring has been reduced it also serves to keep the costs of claim as low as possible due to the preventative measures taken.

Bona fide tree surgeons can enjoy some very competitive insurance premiums. The insurance policies can be tailor made to suit their specific requirements rather than offering a ‘one size fits all’ product.
The key features include
• You can select various levels of Public Liability from £1m through to £5m
• Any number of clerical and manual employees
• Include own tools and equipment
• Option to have no height restriction
• Building up claim free discounts

With a panel of insurers, quick turnaround on quotations, and direct access to underwriters we are able to accommodate your requirements and offer competitive quotations on your Public Liability and associated insurances.