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Friday, May 19th, 2017

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Insurance for drivers with claims or convictions

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Are you finding it hard get insured because you have points or endorsements on your driving licence or because you have an adverse claims history? Or are the quotes you have been getting too high for you to afford? Fear not! At Herald we deal with insurers who specialise in offering policies for convicted drivers or drivers with poor claims history. We can find competitively priced policies for drivers with convictions on their licence whether it be a minor offence such as speeding or using a mobile phone whilst driving or for more serious offences such as careless or drink driving. We can also help you if you have had one or more fault claims in the last 5 years. While most insurers like to steer clear of these types of risks, we have specialist insurers on our panel who actually specialise in them. They can offer bespoke quotations for these types of risks and can therefore incorporate discounts to help bring premiums down. So if you think you’ve got no chance of find a decent quote because of your adverse driving history give us a try and you might be pleasantly surprised!

Non-standard Home Insurance

Friday, January 30th, 2015

Are you having trouble finding an insurance policy for your home? Is your home of a non-standard nature? If the answer to either of these questions is yes then we can help you.
Most insurers will only offer policies for homes that are defined as a standard risk i.e standard construction, no previous subsidence issues, low flood risk area etc therefore it can be tricky finding a policy if your home falls under the non-standard criteria. However we have specialist products available from market leading insurers offering bespoke policies if you or your home is subject to one or more of:
– Adverse claims experience
– Previous flooding
– History of subsidence
– Non-standard construction
– Underpinned
– Listed
– Unoccupied and/or undergoing works
– Flood risk area
– Previously declined or cancelled policies
– Criminal convictions

Our policies offer comprehensive cover for your buildings and contents and are tailor-made to suit your requirements. Whether you have a current policy in place that doesn’t meet all your requirements or you are looking for a new policy and having trouble finding one give us a call, it only takes a few minutes for us to get the necessary information we need from you in order to find you the right policy so don’t waste your time trawling through the internet, speak to an expert instead.

Public Liability Insurance

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

Herald Insurance has a wide range of schemes and insurers available to find the best policy to suit the needs of your business. Whether you a sole-trader, partnership or limited company we can find the right policy for you. Our policies can cover public liability from £1m – £10m, employer’s liability up to £10m, contract-all-risk, tools cover, personal accident cover, cover for labour-only sub-contractors and temporary employees and more. Our policies can be rated on a per capita basis meaning lower premiums for smaller companies or on a wages and turnover basis for larger companies. We can offer quotes for high risk trades including scaffolding and roofing and also for companies that have previously declared bankrupt directors. Our policies are tailor-made to suit the needs of your business and cover is very flexible so the levels of cover can be amended as necessary if the circumstances of your business change for example and increase in turnover or number of employees.
We only deal with insurers that offer comprehensive cover so you can feel safe in the knowledge that if the worst happens your business will be properly covered.
Call one of our staff today who will be happy to help.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance Bonus Booster

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Are you looking to insure a commercial vehicle but are worried about having to pay a high premium due to a lack of no claims bonus? We may have the answer for you. We have a new scheme with a leading insurer offering a 6 month bonus booster policy for your commercial vehicle. The policy runs for 6 months after which time it can be renewed for 12 months with a full year’s no claims bonus. This policy is designed to keep premiums to a minimum while offering flexibility at the same time. A wide range of occupations can be catered for including couriers and other high risk occupations.
Did you also know that our commercial vehicle policies can also provide cover for goods in transit (including stock, tools and equipment) and public liability as standard? This is perfect for someone looking to keep all their commercial vehicle related insurances under one policy as it takes the hassle away of searching for individual policies and can also help to bring premiums down as administrative costs are reduced by having everything covered under one policy.
So whatever your commercial vehicle insurances needs be sure to give us a call so we can find the best policy for your needs.

Public House Insurance

Friday, January 9th, 2015

Did you know we can insure your public house? We have access to several schemes for public house insurance provided by specialist insurers. These policies offer a high level of cover at competitive prices. We are also able to insure several public houses under one policy making it easier for you to manage.
Our policies can offer cover for the buildings, contents, stock, liabilities, business interruption, money and loss of licence as well as additional covers such as accidental damage and legal expenses. Our policies can also cover your household goods if you reside at the premises. We can also cater for public houses that serve food, have dancefloors, live entertainment, children’s play areas, outside catering and letting rooms. We can even insure pubs that have a listed status.
If you own a pub you need to make sure you are properly insured in the event that you need to make a claim or a claim is made against you. Don’t take a risk and buy a policy that doesn’t suit your requirements, talk to us first as our policies are tailored to meet your requirements so whatever your type of pub give us a call for a quote.

Is your property being used as a cannabis farm?

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

In 2012, the BBC reported that an estimated 21 cannabis farms were being found by the police every day.

Just this July, police reported a raid on a farm in Scotland with over £235k worth of illegal product.

The number of domestic properties being pinpointed for cannabis cultivation is growing.


What can happen to your property?
According to recent reports, over 94% of cannabis farms have been located in domestic premises. Landlords whose properties have been used as a farm can expect these typical types of damage:


  • Ceilings and walls knocked through and floorboards ripped out
  • Severe water damage
  • Fire and explosion
  • Wiring ripped out or left in a dangerous condition
  • Ducts and fans installed throughout the premises
  • Extensive quantities of soil left in the property
  • Electricity meters bypassed


Many of the above would not be covered by a standard ‘Buy to Let’ insurance policy, so it’s very important that landlords read the fine print of the policy before purchasing insurance.



What can landlords do to reduce exposure to criminal activity?

Here is our checking system offering tips to ensure that landlords are doing everything possible to protect their property:


Firstly, landlords should thoroughly vet each tenant who applies to live at the property. It’s not enough to just meet with them or speak with them on the phone. Landlords should invest in a thorough checking facility. These are available to purchase online at a typical cost of just £30.


Landlords should be vigilant when selecting tenants, by using robust referencing procedures and checking that references are real and accurate.


In addition to the reference checks, the landlord should be undertaking periodic inspections of the property – both externally (to check that the premises remain watertight and in a good state of repair), but also internally, to ensure that the premises are not being misused. If the landlord cannot carry out these basic checks themselves, they should ensure that the Managing Agent undertakes these inspections as part of their duties



Have you got the right cover?

Coverage on our Residential Property Owners policy provides up to £10,000 of cover for costs and expenses, as well as providing cover for unauthorised use of utilities for up to £5,000 (a maximum of £25,000 in any one period of insurance). Such cover can help with funds lost through illegal activity, and also lessen the impact of activities such as the bypassing of electricity meters.

Cannabis farms are cropping up everywhere. Make sure that you the landlords have the right cover to protect against criminal activity.


Homefleet Insurance

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Do you have three or more vehicles in your household? Do you have more vehicles than drivers to insure? If so you need to speak to us about Homefleet Insurance. Homefleet policies are designed specifically for households that have a fleet of vehicles (private cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles) all kept at one address and where the total number of vehicles to insure is more than the number of drivers. These policies are underwritten by a specialist insurer who will tailor-make your policy to meet your demands and requirements. Cover is very flexible and can include young drivers, high value or high performance vehicles, different levels of cover and a wide range of optional benefits. Huge savings can also be made on premiums due to the fact that the policies are designed to specifically suit your needs. You can specify estimated annual mileage on each vehicle along with different drivers and usage meaning that the policy is underwritten to how you want it and you therefore don’t pay for anything that you don’t need. Another added benefit is that all named drivers earn their own no claims bonus which they can take with them to use their own policy if ever they want to. You also have the added convenience of managing only one policy instead of separate policies for all your vehicles meaning only one renewal date and one insurer to deal with.

So call us now for a quote and see how this type of policy can benefit you.

Is your property unoccupied?

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Landlords of unoccupied properties look no further as we have access to bespoke schemes tailored to your requirements.
We cater for many different property types from residential to commercial and we offer a wide range of cover from FLEA through to wider perils.

If you would like quick and simple no nonsense quotations then we are the people to approach.
We can offer same day quotations on a statement of fact basis meaning no need for you to complete forms.
We have experienced staff and direct access to decision making underwriters.

Our appetite includes

Property types
• Residential
• Commercial & Retail
• Industrial
• Or a mix of the above

Risks considered include
• Grade II Listed premises
• Non-Standard construction premises
• Properties undergoing works
• Long term unoccupied properties

Features & benefits
• Cover available on FLEA or Wider Perils
• Mix of occupied/unoccupied acceptable
• Statement of Fact basis
• Discounts for security and excesses
• No automatic cancellation when property becomes occupied
• Excesses from £250

Our Strengths
• Experienced underwriters
• Ability to bespoke individual risks
• Same day quotes available
• A rated UK security Insurers

We can also cater for portfolios of unoccupied properties and/or a mix of occupied and unoccupied including a range of residential and commercial.

Multi-Car Insurance: Have you tried it?

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 insurance being ever so competitive insurers are continuously evolving products to win market share. In recent years we have seen the multi-car type policy also known as Home fleet become more widespread.

Our Home fleet insurance offers much flexibility with competitive premiums for three of more vehicles.

The key drivers for taking out a multi-car insurance policy are: Read More