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Clare Rudd – 23rd Oct 2017

Dear Earl,
I am writing to say Thank You once again to yourself and Daniel for your help with my recent Business Insurance renewal.
After successfully ensuring that the policy I was renewing contained the right amount of cover and protection, you contacted me frequently and kept me in the loop about what was happening, dealing with my renewal effectively and efficiently.
During the process you were very knowledgeable, patient and personable and you made the process really simple and stress-free.
I would not hesitate in recommending yourself and your company to others.
Thanks once again.
Yours sincerely,
Clare Rudd.


Rob Cox – 3rd Oct 2017

Earl Franklin, Herald Insurance,
Although there are lots of comparison sites out there, I often find entering information laborious. Also, when it comes to certain questions, it can throw up areas where you need more clarification. A chat with Earl was simple, straight forward and saved a whole lot of time and stress.
As a live-in landlord, I kept hitting problems with insuring a house with tenants in. My original insurance company had hiked up the price, and another broker had come back to me with several options, all of which were over £1,000.
After a 20 minute chat with Earl, I’d saved over £350 on the next best quote, and saved over £600 on the quote from my original insurer.
When it came to insuring my car it was a similar story, with Swift Cover substantially increasing my quote, and online comparison sites unable to beat it. Another quick chat with Earl and I was able to save over £100 on my annual policy.
So thanks to Earl and Herald Insurance for saving me over £500 this year.
My experience with Herald Insurance has been fantastic, and I would highly recommend their services to friends and family alike.
Rob Cox.


Chris Macalister – 8th Aug 2017

Dear Earl,
I have passed two referrals to Earl in the past few weeks. One for holiday insurance and one for public liability insurance.
As my schedule is very busy I left it to the last minute to book my holiday insurance. Earl called me later that day and provided me with multiple quotes. Suggesting the best quote that suits my needs. Luckily I didn’t have to activate my insurance while on holiday.
My public liability was fast approaching its end date and I needed to get a quote. I contacted Earl who found me the best deal, also offering multiple payment schemes. Which helped massively.
I will have no issue in personally recommending Earl for any insurance queries to friends and family in the future.
Kind regards,
Chris Macalister.


Julie Mole – 14th Jun 2017

Dear Earl,
I recently received the renewal notification for my car insurance from my previous insurance company, the AA, I was horrified by the increase in premium, a jump of £110 in a year with no explanation.
As a Promotional Merchandise company that outsources many of our services, it is essential our suppliers complement our professional service by meeting the highest standards in terms of service, quality and delivery.
I gave you all of my details, you were courteous and professional and willing to find a suitable policy.
In no time at all, you came back with a comprehensive policy that included my partner, Class I business insurance with all the usual legal cover, courtesy car, etc. saving me over £120 against the AA’s renewal premium.
I will be placing my Motor Insurance business with you, safe in the knowledge that you deliver a fantastic service, very competitively and I have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family that require your services!
Warmest regards,
Julie Mole.


Nick Parker – 16th Jan 2017

Dear Earl,
I just wanted to thank you for your ongoing work for the insurance you provide for myself personally and for Aubrey & Finn. As the time has passed by you have been able to take on more and more of our insurance needs and as such delivering a first class service and the added convenience of keeping things all in one place.
In addition you make the whole process very easy and all with a friendly and ‘can do’ attitude, which is quite refreshing in this .com world!
Yours Sincerely,
Nick Parker.


Aarif Merali – 19th Dec 2016

Dear Earl,
I want to write to thank you for the superb service you provided to change insurance policies when I recently got a new car.
I was insured with you for my older car and I was pleasantly surprised to see the premium for the new car was not much higher.
We had to juggle around the policies while I waited for the old car to be sold and you provided excellent advice every step of the way to ensure that both cars were insured properly.
Your responses to email questions were prompt and accurate – a refreshing change to the lethargy that grips most of our service industry unfortunately.
I will not hesitate to recommend your services to all my friends, colleagues and contacts.
Yours Sincerely,
Aarif Merali.


Clare Rudd – 6th Dec 2016

Dear Earl,
I am writing to say thank you for your help with our recent business insurance renewal.
As a small business, often finding business insurance can be an absolute minefield, as can knowing the right amount of cover that our business needs, so when our insurance became due for renewal, I knew I wanted to be able to speak to a real person on the phone rather than use a comparison site and end up with something that did not work for my business.
During the process you were courteous, patient and helpful and you made the quote easy to understand and stress-free. Thanks to your diligent manner, our business now has the right insurance cover and you actually ended up saving us money in comparison to our previous premiums.
I would not hesitate i9n recommending yourself and your company to others.
If you would like to refer potential customers to me for word of mouth testimonial then please do not hesitate to do so.
Yours Sincerely,
Clare Rudd.


Paul Jennings – 2016

Dear Earl,
When I needed insurance for a new van I was purchasing and for the old van than was going to an employee I turned to Earl at Herald. I also got a quote from my old insurance broker (notice I say old).
Besides a smoke alarm there aren’t many things you pay for and hope never to use, so it’s I believe it’s important to get the best price you can on insurance.
My old broker quoted me close to £1400 for both insurances, which as a small business and for something I didn’t really want to use any time soon left me speechless, I got him to check it again and try other companies but to no avail the price remained high.
I don’t know how he did it but Earl came back to me with a price nearly £500 less, this was fantastic for me and made the company a great saving; It is also a lot more than I’ve ever won on the lottery.
I just hope he can knock £500 off of next year’s insurance bill.
So if you want to do better than three numbers on Saturday night give Earl a call, I would not hesitate to use or recommend Earl and Herald Insurance in the future.
Yours Sincerely.


Jack Patel – Oct 2016

Dear Fabio,
may I take this opportunity to thank you on your quick and reliable service for providing me with van, tools and public liability insurance.
I know I can come to you at short notice and you will provide me all I need at the click of a finger.
You know I will be using you again and furthermore it can confirm to Fortune that I have the appropriate credentials to carry out my services as a locksmith.
Many thanks,
Jack Patel.


Brad Bishop – 10th Oct 2016

Dear Earl,
We have been using Herald Insurance services for quite some time now both on a personal and business level. I have sent through a testimonial previously about how great your services have been for us and they continue to be so!
It just occurred to me that I should congratulate both you and your staff on the fabulous communication we receive from all of you. Your staff are without fail polite, quick to respond to any query or question I may have and are really pleasant to deal with!
It’s really nice to do business with you all!
Thank you,
Yours sincerely.


Ela Uzuazebe – 2016

Dear Earl,
I am writing to say a big ‘Thank You’ for helping me get the appropriate insurance cover for my other business.
I had a big event to attend and the organisers of that event were to arrange insurance cover for me, but called a few days to the event to say they would not be able provide the sort of cover I needed.
I contacted Earl at HERALD INSURANCE and literally within minutes he had found the right sort of cover for me. I didn’t have to troll comparison websites and Earl ensured I got the right type of insurance and a very competitive price.
I will now use HERALD INSURANCE for all our other insurance needs and will not hesitate to recommend Earl Franklin and his team at HERALD INSURANCE to all our friends, family and business contacts.
Best Wishes.


Steve Fox

Dear Earl, (and the team at Herald Insurance)
thank you for sorting out my car insurance renewal. You provided a competitive quote which has saved me money and reduced my excess.
Yet again i’ve been reminded how easy your service is to use and how thorough. All I had to do was send you my renewal documents and you came back with a price and the details for me to check through. It took seconds for me to check and you came back quickly after further changes amd provided an even better price which I was happy to accept. The whole process was simple, friendly and took less than ten minutes.
Using you and Herald Insurance is so much more pleasant than spending ages on comparison sites typing information in, getting misleading information, havling to check the cover level hasn’t been changed during the process and then finding it’s no cheaper anyway or that the insurer is someone i’ve never heard of and don’t know if I can trust.
I recommend Herald for anyone’s insurance needs. The prices are always competitive. And on the only occasion where I did manage to get better cover for the price elsewhere (which I’d like to highlight was only due to me being able to get an offer not generally available) your advice really helped me make sure I get the right cover and the best value for the business.
It’s always a pleasure dealing with you and your team.
Best regards,
Steve Fox


Brad Bishop – 8th Feb 2016

Dear Earl,
I would like to thank you for the continued excellent service we receive from Herald Insurance. There is no comparison between the virtues of your company and those of previous insurance companies we have used in the past.
The benefits we appreciate are the personable service you provide, very pleasant staff we have contact with, speedy responses when we require assistance and the competitive rates you offer.
I can’t recommend you highly enough!
Yours sincerely


Gary Bacon – 25th Jan 2016

Dear Earl
Thank you so much for sorting out my fleet insurance.
I did have a look online but had heard some horror stories about the cover or non-cover purchased by some of my friends. I wanted to speak to a “real person” that I could rely on to get the best cover for my needs.
Dan said you were a bright lad and totally knew what you were doing and he was not wrong. It was such a smooth and easy process.
Thanks again for all your help. I highly recommend you and your company.
Kind regards


Isobel and Gary Doherty – 13th Jan 2016

Dear Earl
I just wanted to thank you for all your assistance in connection with the insurance of our cars.
Your service was friendly, quick, efficient and you saved us over £130!
We would not hesitate to recommebd you to all our family, friends and colleagues.
Thank you mso much for all your help.
Yours sincerely,
Isobel and Gary Doherty


Gillian Brown – 14th Dec 2015

Dear Earl,
I wanted to thank Harold Insurance for the superb service you have given me over the last two years. You have always been my first port of call when needing various insurances renewed. The company have always been honest if they can’t beat my current quote and not tried to sell me something I don’t need.
More recently I asked for a quote for my house insurance and found that my current policy did not adequately protect me with my business connected. So, if I needed to make a claim it would have been null and void. You quickly flagged this up and researched the best quote for me. I have always found the whole team professional, knowledgeable and very personable. I would recommend your services in an instant and wish more businesses operated like yourselves.
Yours sincerely


Jason Goodliffe – 10th Nov 2015

Dear Earl,
It gives me great pleasure in giving you this t estimonial as your service not only saved me time and hassle but also a lot of money.
Over the years I’ve dreaded car insurance renewal time. Online sites promise the earth but lack the personal touch and the reassurance of knowing the
policy I’m taking out is the right one for me.
Dealing with you and Herald Insurance has been superb.
In just five minutes you sourced a comprehensive quote which saved me £200.
The service I received was friendly, professional and efficient.
I have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends, family and associates.
Thanks again.


Vic Alexander – 9th Nov 2015

Dear Earl,
I would like to thank you for recently sorting out the annual public liability insurance for a private housing group of which I am secretary.
We had received a quote from the previous Insurance company Towergate for £303, an increase of £15 year on year.
No sooner had you received the request for a quote, but back came a counter quote within the hour which very similar in terms of cover to Towergate but for £234, a saving of £69.
I have already got my car and family cars with Herald Insurance as well as my own house building and contents insurance with you. In each instance you beat all other insurance quotes, sometimes significantly.
Apart from the cash savings of being with Herald it is very much the personal service that you give.
I have no hesitation in recommending you and Herald Insurance as you are prepared to go the extra yard for the customer to get the best possible deal in all respects.
Yours sincerely


Tori Deslauriers – 22nd June 2015

Dear Earl,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping my husband and me with our recent home insurance.
It’s never my favourite time of year when my insurance comes up as I find being hounded by companies and knowing nothing about what I should be looking for highly stressful! It was such a breath of fresh air to deal with Earl and Hearld Insurance.
Not only did you find a policy that suited us perfectly, you helped me realize what the potential value of my contents might be more realistically than previous insurers. All of this left me feeling like you truly have my best interests in mind over making money, which we both really appreciated.
Dare I say it, I’m almost looking forward to my other insurance policies needing renewal!
Many thanks


Anthony Brown – 20th Apr 2015

Dear Earl
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you Earl.
Herald insurance, through Earl, not only have helped throughout the year with my vehicles, houses and other insurance services, Earl has gone above and beyond the call of duty when my car broke down Birmingham, I would have be much the poorer without his help.
We have every confidence in your services and are always passing on your details to friends and family.
Best regards.


Paul Chrysaphiades – 24th Feb 2015

Dear Earl
We are happy to offer this testimonial to you and to act as a reference for other clients should you request.
I have been impressed with the high quality and attentive service provided by Phil and Herald Insurance. It really is great to be able to discuss your insurance requirements with someone that will search the market to ensure that you get the correct cover at a competitive price.
Phil and herald Insurance have succeeded to beat the online insurance websites and provide peace of mind. This is real value and service which a website cannot match.
Herald Insurance will always be my first port of call when reviewing my insurance requirements.
I have no hesitation in recommending Phil to family and friends.
Yours sincerely.


Julian Hurst – 27th January 2015

Dear Herald Insurance
As a company which prides itself on delivering a ‘service of excellence on every occasion’, it comes as a nice surprise to be extended the same level of care and diligence we provide to our customers and write to recommend your employee Phil Rebbetts.
Keeping costs down is extremely important to us. Over recent months we have needed our company vehicles and our business needs protected and insured and Phil has always been on hand to help, with nothing being to much trouble. He saves us an inordinate amount of time and money.
Phil has never let us down.
Having lived and worked in the United States, where their customer service puts us to shame, Phil has proved the exception to the rule and for this reason, if you have a list of promising employees, we would certainly hope that Phil’s name is on it.
We are very grateful to him for all his help and look forward to a continued, happy collaboration.
Yours sincerely.


Richard Higham – 9th December 2014

Dear Phil Rebbetts,
I write this letter to thank you for your recent support in respect of my car insurance.
I communicated with Phil, out of hours, who looked at my insurance renewal and advised me that I needed to have ‘business use’ on my policy whereas I had not had it before. I was shocked, as I had not considered my use to fall within that definition.
I had already received a quote from my existing insurer for £800, and Phil was able to tailor make my policy to include protected no-claim bonus, breakdown cover, fully comprehensive, low excess, AND business use for the same price!
I have compared my insurances online for many years, whilst giving Phil the opportunity to quote on every occasion. This time, I found that dealing with a person who was looking at each aspect of my insurance was reassuring and I feel that I received a very good and efficient service. Unlike any other insurer, Herald Insurance are even letting me pay my premium in two instalments. I am relieved that I went through Phil, as otherwise my insurance would not have been fit for purpose.
I always suspected they were good, but now I know for sure – thank you!
Yours sincerely.


Alison Rowley – 10th November 2014

Dear Earl,
thank you so much for arranging our buildings and contents insurance, you made the whole process simple and explained everything clearly and reassured us completely. Your quote was £400 less than that from our former broker and we are very pleased with the insurance you have placed for us. We will not hesitate to contact you about insurance in the future and have already mentioned yopu to friends and family.
Thank you again,
kind regards,
Alison Rowley.


Hemat Natha – November 2014

Dear Phil,
I would like to thank you for your fast efficient service.
I thought buying insurance was simple. Use an internet site compare and hey presto you carry on. NOT THE CASE.
After speaking with you, I understand that importance of ensuring that you have the correct policy that actually does protect you in the time of need. It’s important to get advice from an expert like yourself to make sure that everything has been taken into consideration.
I found your knowledge essential and vital for what I need. It was also good to get a call when a renewal was up and get the best price beating the price you originally set for me.
Since using your services I have referred over my clients who have been commenting on the price and the cover that you have found. This has ranged from unoccupied buildings insurance, landlords cover home insurance and car insurance. This also included needing cover in place within an hour before an unexpected exchange of a property was happening and you got it done without no hesitation.
I thank you for your great advice, prompt services. I look forward to referring my friends, family and many of my clients to utilise your experience of general insurance.
Many thanks.


Stoyan Milkov – 15th October 2014

Dear Phil,
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the insurance policy you recently did for me.
Phil is a true professional. The work was done within 2 hours. He cares about his clients and works hard to get them the best coverage at the best rate possible for each individual situation. I would highly recommend Phil for all your insurance needs.
kind regards.


Marianne Gearing – 29th August 2014

I write this testimonial as my own first hand experience of doing business with you, so that my other BNI Chariot colleagues can learn of what pleasure you have been to work with.
The whole process was completely painless and very swift from start to finish. Having emailed you the previous policy’s documents, that as I explained we had to take on as part of the sale of the restaurant, in November last year, you did the rest of it for me.
When you began to ask me what roof tiles I had and other questions and the response was “they are roof tiles Earl, I really don’t know any more than that” you stood outside studying our roof tiles and even laughed at yourself.
You were fun to work with, you took problems away and found a way around. You came back very quickly and smashed the original price, saving me a total of £1000 on our annual premium.
Thanks so much for all your help.
Yours sincerely,
Marianne Gearing.


Frank Guest – 8th August 2014

Would & have recommended this company to friends & family Have found them professional, competitive & so much better being able to discuss with someone who knows their business rather than going online, esp. when something is a little complicated! recommend them highly.


Bary Hunt – 5th August 2014

Always efficient, pleasant & knowledgable when contacted. Have no problem in recommending you to friends & family.


Olumide Oluseye – 23rd July 2014

Kind, attentive and friendly service. Always feel welcome and given absolute assistance in all cases.


Bob Wright – 17th July 2014

Very professional and helpful staff Would recommend to anybody requiring insurances.


June Cory – 16th July 2014

Insurance is not exciting. And even Earl cannot make it so. But what he can & does do is make it easy to arrange, simple to purchase & he’s cheaper than anywhere else. I have used his services for over six years now and happily recommended him to friends & family – he has beaten every quote given and followed up with a high level of customer service.


Anne Doherty – 8th July 2014

Great service, competitive and I never have to wait for you to pick up the phone and you always ring back when you say you will, which is I am continuing to use you for all my total insurance needs.


Malcolm Mackinnon – 1st July 2014

Always very helpful and quick to respond.I have no hesitation in recommending you guys.


Dan Saunders – 20th June 2014

Good people to communicate with and always there to help with any questions or any thing needed,Earl is ok as well I suppose…only joking he’s a top bloke and the reason I stay with you guys every year.


Shirley Bliss – 15th June 2014

Very friendly service always willing to look for a deal for you ..much prefer a smaller company to those internet giants .


Jo Turner – 8th June 2014

Earl has been dealing with my car and home Insurance for many years. We recently moved house and needed a more specialised Home Insurance for a Grade 2 property which we needed to have put in place quickly. He got back to me straight away and was able to sort this all out very quickly and efficiently. I would definitely recommend Earl to people I know as he is always very helpful and efficient.


Theo Savidis – 22nd May 2014

Been with your company for a long time now,and costumer service still first class as if it were first time I called.


Li Weinreich – 20th May 2014

They are always helpful and we have always had good service and response from Herald Insurance to our requirements.


9th May 2014

I insure my motorcycle and home contents through Herald. Have been a customer since I think about 1997. I used to also insure my car(s) but premiums became cheaper elsewhere 2 or 3 years ago….the only reason I changed to another insurer I also asked for a quote for PI/PL insurance but again it wasn’t competitive so reluctantly used another insurer The major benefit to me has been service. Much, much better to call and speak to someone knowledgeable who has been trusted to use their judgement and discretion to understand what I need and find the best price/cover Now I call the other insurers and get thru to some bored child at a call centre who clearly doesn’t know anything beyond what’s on the screen I’m willing to pay a bit more for that but sadly you weren’t able to quote anywhere near for my car. Perhaps next year! Thanks for the great service over the years


Chris Drury – 30th April 2014

I can always rely upon Herald insurance to give me an honest quote and an unbiased opinion. They provide specialist cover at a competitive price.


Claire Wilson – 24th April 2014

My house insurance was due for renewal so I immediately thought of you and I contacted you to discuss my needs.
I can honestly say that you saved me over £100 a year on my insurance which also included extra’s that were not on my previous policy and an increased amount on my building insurance. You were professional and knowledgeable and I will certainly be asking you to give me a quote for my car insurance too.
I am very happy to recommend you to friends, family and business contracts.

Yours sincerely


Phil Littler – 27th February 2014

You’ve done it again. My motorcycle insurance was a ridiculous price at over £700.00 for last year. You managed to get my premium down, this year, to just over £300.00.
I really appreciate your effort and help in finding a good price and good cover. What a guy! I will continue to use and recommend Herald Insurance and you in particular for all my future insurance needs.

Great Job!


Jean Robinson – 27th February 2014

Thank You on behalf of Jim and myself for organising our company van insurance. I know it was difficult as we had changed to a small fleet insurance last year and I had no details of previous insurers before 2013, but you managed to secure our insurance at the same price as last year.
As a company we were impressed with the no hassle professional manner with which you dealt with us at all times.
It goes without saying that we will be recommending you to our friend’s family and colleagues who require good insurance at a good price from a company that knows its business.
Once again
Thank You



Alan Maxwell

Dear Earl,
I would like to thank you for the excellent service you gave on the two insurance policies I recently took out through Herald Insurance.
The first policy was for my Renault Clio Cup. My existing insurers would not add my son to the policy, he only wanted to be added for a week so that he could use the car to go on holiday, and within five minutes you had found an insurer that would cover him at a reasonable cost and at the same level of cover.
The second policy was for my home contents, this time you were able to obtain a better rate with my existing insurer.
I would not hesitate to recommend you and Herald Insurance to any of my friends or family.

Kind regards
Alan Maxwell.


Jeremy Silverstone – 16th February 2014

This is to thank you so much for your time and patience in sorting out the insurance for Gina’s car.
Your help was and is greatly appreciated, and I am very happy to recommend the wonderful team at Herald Insurance to friends, relative and colleagues.
It really is a pleasure doing business with you!

Yours sincerely


Phil Littler – 12th January 2014

Dear Earl,
you have never let us down. My daughterrecently contacted you about her car insurance and you were able to save her £400. Not only was she chuffed she was also happy with me for suggesting you and Herald Insurance. I would like to thank you and your hundreds of elves that assist you in consistently going above and beyond the call of duty.
The word superstar is often overused these days so I won’t use it but I will recommend you to everyone I bump into including the homeless guy that keeps going through our bins.

Many thanks,
Phil Littler.


Carole – 7th January 2014

Dear Dimitar,
I am writing to say thank you for your help and support you gave me while sorting out my van and Public Liability Insurance.
You were very helpful and contacted me quickly with excellent quotes that were under anything that I had found.
I will be using Herald Insurance Services again in the future as I have found the service very good and value for money.
It goes without saying that I will be recommending you and Herald Insurance to friends, family and colleagues in the future.
Thank you,
The Lady Plasterer.


Mike Melling – 29th October 2013

I have used the services of Herald lnsurance since buying the TaxAssist business a year ago.
ln that time I am delighted to say that Herald has provided myself and my family, and very importantly my clients, with an excellent level of service. As a result you are now very much my trusted lnsurance Services provider for my clients.
I have found you and the team to be highly responsive and helpful. You have always helped me and my clients understand the insurance provider policy options and have secured favourable premiums for us. Where you have thought I or my clients could get a better quote elsewhere you have always been very straight and honest about this which, in this day and age, is very refreshing.
Earl, I have no hesitation in recommending you and the Herald Insurance team to my clients, friends and personal network. I look forward to your helping me grow the number of clients who value lnsurance offerings as a key part of the TaxAssist additional service offerings and working with you in the years to come.

Managing Partner,


Barry Sumpter

We recently invited you to submit your proposal for providing our PI cover. This is a complex and specialized from insurance with a limited number of underwriters prepared to offer cover.
You quickly managed to grasp the complexities of the cover that we required. due to our wide ranging services it is quite difficult to find a single source of cover.
You soon responded to our enquiry and offered us a policy which was suitable and we accepted your proposal. Very soon after our acceptance one client asked that we obtain clarification of the cover offered for specific services. You dealt promptly with enquiry and were able to provide the necessary written confirmation. Without your efficient services we would not have won the project.
You managed to obtain us the correct level of cover and managed to save us 30% against the next lowest quotation.
We will most certainly look to you for future quotations and will be recommending you to our many professional associates and colleagues.



Terry Howard – 10th September 2013

I felt I must write to thank you.
I now have several policies with herald insurance including Public Liability, Vehicles, and home insurance, along with other family members and friends.
They have all said that they are happy with Herald Insurance and that your customer service is outstanding, polices are competitive, also giving honest professional advice.
I am more than happy to be with Herald Insurance.
I look forward to the next renewal and will continue to recommend you to all my customer and friends.



Sandra Bradley – 3rd September 2013

Thank you for arranging our travel insurance. The service you provided for me was speedy, courteous and effective and I would not hesitate to recommend your company. I shall also seek your help for other insurance services that we may need.

Kind Regards


Vic Alexander – 27th August 2013

I would like to thank you for the excellent personal service when you were quoting me for my annual car insurance cover. When we met a few months ago, you took some basic details of my current car insurance cover and the fact that it was due to be renewed end August.
On 7th August, you sent me a quote (unprompted!) for my comprehensive car insurance renewal, including legal and breakdown cover, Which was £133 lower then quote I received from my existing car insurance company with whom I have been with for a number of years.
within minutes you had managed to check out the difference this made in the premium I would be paying for my car insurance this year, which accounted for a further discount of £40, making a total saving of circa £173 versus my existing insurance!
I know no one personally at Castle Direct who handle also my house content and building insurance policies.
Going forward, I will have no hesitation in giving you, Earl and Herald Insurance all of my insurance business, quietly confident I will be making saving on each of my policies and certainly confident that my insurance requirement will be handled in both a personal yet very professional manner.



Mark Richardson – 28th May 2013

Earl has completed several pieces of work for me and my Company (Dreamscape Interiors)
He provides prompt competitive quotes
Over the past three years I have transferred most of my insurances over to Herald lnsurance due to the service he provides, these include:

  • Our family car insurances
  • Our company’s public and professional liability insurances
  • Our company vehicle insurances
  • Recently he efficiently adjusted my business insurance within 30 minutes to ensure we were covered for our hired in tools when we had to get a paint sprayer on hire

Herald insurance have provided numerous quotes for myself and friends and when Herald lnsurance know there are less cosfly products have always advised myself and friends to look elsewhere.
Dreamscape lnteriors are insured with Herald lnsurance and although we have never made a claim I am sure his service would be next to none
With this type of service I look forward to recommending Earl and his team when I can and will not hesitate to use him again.



Paul Davis – 25th May 2013

Just wanted to write to say thank-you to you and your staff (Nicky and Phill).
You have just completed to the renal and yet again your quotation was the cheapest and suited our policy requirements the best. At a time when we all feel the need to seek out the cheapest on price comparison websites, which can be time consuming and laborious, your quotations always come out on top.
We currently have all our insurance policies with you and will continue to do so as you always provide a high level of excellence and expertise.
We would not hesitate to recommend you to friends, family and colleagues.



1st 4 Cleaning Supplies Ltd – 25th May 2013

I wanted to write a testimonial that is long overdue to you.
Historically I have always renewed and not checked out prices which I am glad I choose to do. For my home insurance you saved me money with better
policy cover.
I have also tried to pass on liability insurance and fleet insurance to you.
Sadly the timescale and complexity made this difficult to achieve but I am sure next year we can change that.
Once again I stress my direct line is always to you and not a bright red telephone or a stupid soft toy.
Trust the boys from Herald not the meerkat!



Samantha Rae – 8th March 2013

After being introduced to you by my father I would like to thank you for advising and organising our various insurance needs over the last couple of years. I have always found you to be helpful and honest and would not hesitate in recommending you and your company to my contacts and friends.
Yours Sincerely.


Martin Black – 19th February 2013

I write on behalf of the Directors at Black Stanniland to convey our great appreciation of the excellent service you have provided in dealing with our professional indemnity insurance.
Our longstanding supplier, a major provider of Pl insurance to the surveying profession, had become a little presumptuous that we would continue to give them our business. This is despite unexplained premium increases and low levels of customer contact by them.
The moment we contacted you, it was obvious that we were dealing with someone who has a real drive and enthusiasm to secure the best deal for the customer. You maintained regular contact over the phone and by e-mail, and we felt engaged with you throughout the process. You provided us with some options at different price points, dependent on the extent of cover and excess arrangements etc, so we were able to consider what insurance package best suited our needs.
Now we are insured by a major provider, at a very competitive rate, which has led to a reduction in overhead of several hundred pounds which we are delighted wath.
It is clear that in you we have found a broker who does care about what level of customer service is provided, not just at the quotation stage but throughout the entire process. We may yet take you up on your offer to ask questions, no matter how trivial they may seem!
ln summary we would have no hesitation in recommending your services to others. we look forward to a close future working relationship.



Martin Brophy – 3rd Dec 2012

Dear Earl
I would like to say thank you for your careful and efficient service when you sorted out my business insurance policy.
Having just moved premises you wanted to check that I was fully covered and came out and made a site visit, which was as ever very reassuring.
I would have no hesitation in continuing to refer your insurance services.
At Brophies we like to be associated with companies who like us, value attention to detail and exemplary customer service.
Kind regards.


Sarita Gray – 6th Aug 2012

Dear Earl,
I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you for all your help and advice over the past few months. It is always a pleasure to do business with someone who considers your needs above everything else, provides a great service at a great price and gets the job done in an efficient and professional manner … and that’s exactly what you have done on three separate occasions.
Each time you have responded immediately to my enquiry, given impartial advice and supplied competitive quotes when appropriate. Your honesty when dealing with my son and his car insurance needs was particularly noteworthy and even though you couldn’t help him directly, as a result of your advice we were able to secure a very competitive policy to insure two young drivers on our Fiat.
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to family, friends and colleagues alike. Thank you once again.
Yours sincerely


Brian Johnstone – 25th July 2012

Dear Earl
Thank you for such great support with respect to our insurance on the company vans.
You and your colleagues are very accommodating and always have our information at hand. You and they know the names of our employees, and their vehicles and recommend the best way forward for us in a hard economic environment. You have also looked after our home needs and we appreciate your professionalism and support to get the best value for money in this regard as well.
It is always a pleasure to do business with you and Herald.


Paul & Chris – 15th Jul 2012

Dear Earl,
We just wanted to express our thanks for the recent quotation for our van insurance.
You matched everything our existing policy had to offer and also came in at a lower quote. All this and knowing I can speak to yourself directly rather than a third party in a call centre, made your quotation by far the easiest choice.
We will not hesitate to use your services in the future.
Keep up the good work.


Andy Ward – 14th May 2012

Dear Earl,
I feel compelled to write to you so I can offer my thanks to you and Herald Insurance for saving our company over £1200.00.
You had mentioned to me that you had a new 20% offer on fleet insurance. Having 5 vehicles needing to be insured the figures speak for themselves.
As far as we are concerned the transition to fleet insurance was seamless, we just had to pay the equivalent of one vehicles insurance premium and it was sorted.
So many thanks again, I wish all of our service suppliers were so professional.
Best Regards,


Chrissie Saunders – 10th Apr 2012

Dear Earl,
We have already thanked Glen for recommending you for our landlord insurance requirements.
It was such a pleasure to be able to ring and have a human pick up the phone. I was put straight through and he stopped everything he was doing to help me with my quote, which I had in minutes.
I was struggling to find someone who was offering all four things I was needing my policy to cover (loss of income, public liability, buildings/ Contents and Legal Cover), and they were able to offer this at a very competitive price. I can see myself using them in the future.
Yours sincerely,


Prashant Patel

We recently contacted Phil regarding the company business liability insurance, all the relevant details were sent to Phil.
Within a few hours Phil came back with suggestions like adding an Employers Liability cover, which I did not have and needed due to having a staff member. He also highlighted, to stay with the current provider due to the low premium.
Thank you Phil for being honest and providing the correct advice.
we will certainly use you again in the future and wouldn’t hesitate in referring and recommending you to friends, family and business acquaintances.
Yours sincerely,


Martin Brophy – 27th Mar 2012

Dear Earl,
I would like to commend your diligent and efficient services when you recently assisted me by quoting for my home insurance policy.
You reassure my by cross checking all the numerous clauses, etc while saving me money.
I already referred you to a friend and when I asked him about you, he confirmed that you were just as efficient with a considerable saving on the premium.
I would have no hesitation in referring your insurance services in the future.
Best regards


Stephen Carpenter – 5th Mar 2012

Our home insurance policy was coming up for renewal, so I thought rather than let the policy auto renew, I would support a local business and give you the opportunity to quote.
Using foul language is not my style so I must apologies in advanced for mentioning the following profanity; “Direct Line” the insurers of our home for the previous 4 years.
I’m very glad I asked you to quote as the result was great, not only did you come in over [150 cheaper for a perfect match of our previous policy, but the noticeable difference that was a major selling point was that I could email or call you directly rather than go through numerous switchboards and recite lists of security questions to various strangers from call centres around the world .
I have no hesitation to use you again and recommend you in the future.
Many thanks


Debbie Sutherland – 28th Feb 2012

Dear Earl
I normally trawl the net for the best deal in insurance and most times do quite well but I decided to try you for a quote on our house insurance. I had, I have to say been online briefly to have a look and also had the renewal from our, then broker.
You took all the relevant details and came up with a price, this was initially more than I had been quoted elsewhere, although it was still good but where you differ from a comparison site was when I asked if you could get a better price, you did and it seemed still with your smiley voice on the other end of the phone. Needless to say I went with you.
It is also much simpler getting you to sort out the insurance rather than spend hours of time doing it myself. So thank you for your help and patience, I will be recommending you to friends, relatives and customers.


Chris Palmer – 14th Feb 2012

Dear Earl
I gave you a referral last week for my partner Maria’s motor insurance renewal.
She’d had a couple of small prangs over the previous 12 months and, although she had protected no-claim bonus, her current insurer had declined to re-insure her because they only want drivers who do not claim! Good business if you can get it!
We would normally go to one of the online insurance websites but, in the spirit of BNI, I decided you should have the opportunity.
Maria’s insurer had directed her to one of the online brokers so, for comparison, we asked them to quote.
Not only was your quote over £200 cheaper than the best of the 25 insurers they went to, your whole process took you only about 3 minutes which was brilliant.
Any future insurance needs for me, my family and my friends (both of them) will come to you as I can confidently recommend your service.
It’s great to know if we have any problems we can just pick up the phone rather than going through to hoops of online websites and /or making premium cost phone calls for advice.
Thanks again from both of us.


Anthony Caldwell – 12th Dec 2011

Dear Earl,
Re: Office and Car Insurance
Yet again, Herald Insurance have come up trumps and exceeded my expectations at a time of the year when all insurances are due!
Before the policy renewal dates, Herald researched the market place and found the cheapest policy that was most appropriate to our needs. A comparison with our current policies was presented to me before the policy anniversary.
Once finalised and explained clearly, payment was simple, and the paperwork was effortless giving me and my business full confidence in your ability to provide an exceptional service to your clients.
If Heineken did General Insurance, you would be the bar manager!
Thank you again for an excellent job and it goes without saying that I will be recommending you to family and friends for all their general insurance needs.