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Scaffolders Insurance

Public liability insurance is widely available for many occupations, however when insurers deem some activities as a high risk the cover is restricted or in some cases they decline to insure you.  Scaffolders pose this risk to insurers and can struggle when finding public liability insurance.

The risks insurers face are typically the heights at which scaffolders work, and the chance the scaffolding itself could come down and cause property damage or worse, injury to a person or persons.As this is the case the cost of insurance for scaffolding companies is higher than that of a lesser risk business activity such as a builder.

We at Herald Insurance have specialist insurers who know the risks posed and have many years of experience in this market. Insurance policies are worded specifically to cater for the scaffolding industry and therefore offer a wide range of cover. This is vitally important when purchasing public liability insurance as some insurers who do not specialise in this market will offer cover but it will be restrictive and have many endorsements applied. In our experience this is not productive for your business and can cause problems when negotiating contracts or worse than that, when you are unfortunate to make a claim. This is when the true value of the product shows itself.

Many buy public liability insurance on price as few understand the true value the cover can bring to your business. When obtaining insurance for a specialist activity such as scaffolding you need to make sure the policy gives you the protection you expect and require. Our policies through carefully selected insurers give you just that, and when you speak to one of our experienced staff they will explain the cover being offered and the exclusions or endorsements which apply. Therefore you can be assured you are buying the right product to suit your requirements.

We as a broker are here to support you so if you are unfortunate to suffer a claim we are on hand to lend our support and expertise to ensure you are not going through this difficult process alone. We understand that running a business is you priority so we will assist you in liaising with the insurer and making the process as quick and efficient as possible.

We can also offer extended cover to coincide with your public liability insurance which includes:

  • Employers Liability
  • Stock
  • Tools
  • Own plant
  • Hired in plant
  • Goods in transit
  • Legal protection
  • Personal accident

If you want to obtain a quotation or discuss cover contact a member of the team. Quotations are quick and simple and can usually be offered in a matter of minutes.