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Motorcycle Insurance

Herald Insurance has been providing policies for motorcycles for over 30 years. We have a long tradition of insuring riders thought this time.

With many people now opting to use a motorcycle instead of other forms of motor insurance due to increased running costs, congestion fees, and convenience of parking it is important that you know you have the right policy in place. This is never as important as when a claim has been made. This is the time when you realise the value of a good motorcycle insurance policy through a reputable insurance company. A lot of less reputable insurers at this point will look for reasons to evade paying a claim; however with our panel of insurers you can be safe in the knowledge that they will assist and advise you through this very complicated and sometimes emotional process.

Unfortunately claims are a factor for all riders or drivers on our roads and in almost every claim the motorcyclist will come of worse than the other party as they are more exposed. This is the reason why it is important to have a good comprehensive policy that will cover you in these times of need.

At Herald Insurance we only use established recognised insurers who have been vetted and regulated to offer motorcycle insurance to the UK marketplace. This is the peace of mind you need when purchasing your motorcycle insurance.

Our range of available policies can include:

  • Cover for provisional driving licence holders
  • Cover for full UK or European driving licence holders
  • Comprehensive, third party fire and theft, and third party only cover
  • Use in connection with your business
  • No claims discount available up to 9 years
  • Protected no claim bonus
  • Loss of or damage to your motorcycle, it’s accessories and spare parts
  • Third party cover for riding other motorcycles
  • 24 hour emergency accident/theft helpline
  • European use
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Legal assistance

We can offer motorcycle insurance for most areas of use including social domestic pleasure and commuting, courier, and deliveries.Our panel of insurers also offer comprehensive, third party fire and theft, and also third party only. We can insure provisional driving licence holders with a valid CBT and even offer multi bike policies for those with more than one motorcycle.

We can also offer a policy where your motorcycle can be included with your private car or commercial vehicle on a family fleet insurance policy.

There are many benefits to insuring through ourselves and many options on the type of insurance policy so to find out more give us a call.