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Commercial Car Insurance

Commercial car insurance is a lesser known motor insurance available today. Many businesses usually have this use when purchasing fleet insurance but do not understand that this use is required.

However if you run a small business of less than 3 vehicles most insurers will not offer a fleet insurance policy. This is the stage when many businesses struggle to find a suitable policy and often become frustrated at the lack of products on offer. The temptation in this situation is to insure your commercial car on the incorrect use and then hope that you never make a claim and have to explain to an insurer the true usage of your vehicle.

However more than ever the authorities are stopping drivers and questioning them on the use of their vehicle. In some cases drivers are being prosecuted for having no insurance as they have been using the vehicle for a different use than their policy allows. If this happens then the common punishment is 6 penalty points added to the drivers’ driving license and a fine.

The knock on effect to your insurance with this conviction on your driving history can have devastating consequences, especially for the financial costs of running a small business.

The other scenario is that many businesses do not understand which use they require on their insurance and inadvertently purchase the wrong type and unknowingly drive their vehicle on the incorrect use.

Herald Insurance can find you a competitive quote for your car insurance if you are using it for commercial purposes such as making deliveries or selling goods. We can advise you on the correct use and offer insurance which is suitable for your occupation. We have many years of experience in the insurance industry and in that time we have built up good relationships with insurers and understanding on their appetite.

With this we can offer specialist cover according to your business requirements.

Our specialist insurers will ensure they provide a suitable policy with cover that can include:

  • Courtesy car following an accident or claim
  • Unlimited cover for original audio equipment
  • Unlimited windscreen cover
  • Emergency treatment: up to £150 for medical expenses in respect of each person injured
  • Trailers – third party cover when attached with a property limit of £45m
  • Legal assistance
  • Personal accident cover

Call one of our staff at Herald Insurance today for a fast, simple,hassle free quotation.