Homefleet Insurance

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Do you have three or more vehicles in your household? Do you have more vehicles than drivers to insure? If so you need to speak to us about Homefleet Insurance. Homefleet policies are designed specifically for households that have a fleet of vehicles (private cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles) all kept at one address and where the total number of vehicles to insure is more than the number of drivers. These policies are underwritten by a specialist insurer who will tailor-make your policy to meet your demands and requirements. Cover is very flexible and can include young drivers, high value or high performance vehicles, different levels of cover and a wide range of optional benefits. Huge savings can also be made on premiums due to the fact that the policies are designed to specifically suit your needs. You can specify estimated annual mileage on each vehicle along with different drivers and usage meaning that the policy is underwritten to how you want it and you therefore don’t pay for anything that you don’t need. Another added benefit is that all named drivers earn their own no claims bonus which they can take with them to use their own policy if ever they want to. You also have the added convenience of managing only one policy instead of separate policies for all your vehicles meaning only one renewal date and one insurer to deal with.

So call us now for a quote and see how this type of policy can benefit you.